A smarter way to communicate with your audience.

How it works

The user-friendly mobile app

The admin dashboard

Keeps your audience engaged with your organisation’s news, benefits and events, whatever their location.

Gives you the power to publish and segment content, push notifications to your audience and analyse their engagement in an instant.

The brandable app makes keeping your audience informed and engaged simple, wherever and whoever they are.  Cached content allows your audience to use the app and virtual membership card even if temporarily offline, and makes barcode or QR code scanning possible anywhere.

The powerful Connect dashboard lets you manage your communications in one place; approve members and publish and segment content. You’ll also receive instant access to comprehensive analysis of how your audience is engaging with your content, so you can respond accordingly.

Dashboard Explained

Your admin dashboard is a fully featured Content Management System (CMS) powering your Connect application.  From here you can add news, events, promotions, surveys and more.

Interactions with your app can be monitored in real time to reveal who exactly is engaging with your content.  Track logins, page views and page impressions so you know which feature is making an impression.

Our latest feature enables you to easily conduct your own market research with our new survey feature.

Surveys can reveal where your audience stand on a variety of issues and real time feedback enables you to use this insight to drive your business forward.

Connect: Surveys

Available on all devices...

Available on both iOS and Android devices, mobile is where Connect performs best! Put your content in the pocket of your audience.

iOS and Android Devices

Push Notifications

Get Push Notifications right to your compatible wearable device!

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