4 Famous people who would succeed in HR

Arnold Schwarzenegger

A figure head of self-discipline, hard work and authority, Arnie would create a motivated workforce focused on growing careers. HR professionals and bodybuilders both understand the importance of a process and seeing the bigger picture, he would encourage the use of smaller bite sized goals to achieve their ultimate goal.

Motivational quotes and speeches, target based performance and regular training sessions will be a common sight in Arnie’s workplace.

Jude Law

Jude is compassionate, he has a thoughtful and likeable attitude which would make him, approachable. Employees will feel confident that their issues and concerns will be listened to and acted upon in calm and collected manner.

Expect to have plenty of suggestion boxes, support networks and regular one to one meetings. encouraging employees to improve the company as a collective community.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah proves that you can work hard and have fun doing it! She would be a big believer in building a community within the company. 

Her open book philosophy would encourage employees to communicate and talk about their issues before they get out of hand. In her own words “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you – always”.

Team bonding, communication and motivated staff are at the heart of Winfrey’s HR strategy.


Simon Cowell

Simon might not everyone’s cup of tea but sit tight and let me explain!

We have seen from the multitude of talent shows that Simon only wants to recruit the best and brightest upcoming talent. If you meet his set of very specific requirements expect to be rewarded, with a lucrative wage, quick career progression and constant support along the way.

Although controversial, he is willing to say what everyone is thinks, and in his working environment, honesty is the best policy. Simon believes that for someone to grow, they must identify their weaknesses and work until it becomes a strength.

Simon’s Hr strategy would focus extensively on a competitive recruitment process, filtering out the best candidates through multiple different stages from exams to personality tests and several interviews. Only then will Simon be happy you are the perfect fit to work for the company.

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